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Welcome to our third installment of Learn the Lingo and this week we’re looking at where people are from.

One thing I feel it’s important to mention here, sometimes Australians are thought of in a bad way and part of that comes from a lack of understanding. Australians are proud of their country, their heritage (no matter where they are from in the world) and also are very accepting of people from other countries. Australians embrace that their country is multi-cultural and we enjoy our mates from far and wide.

In saying that, some of our slang can come across bad and I want to explain that it we might take the mickey out of others, but we’re well known for laughing at ourselves first. We can dish a joke out and we can take one well, that’s what helps make us who we are and why so many people all over the world love us Aussies. None of the terms below are derogatory in any way, they’re often delivered with a smirk and believe me, we get it right back from them all (and love it!)

  • Aussie [pronounced Ozzie] – Australian
  • Banana bender – a person from Queensland
  • Cane toad – a person from Queensland
  • Cockroach – a person from New South Wales
  • Crow eater – a person from South Australia
  • Mexican – a person from Victoria (south of the border)
  • Sandgroper – a person from Western Australia
  • Taswegian – a person from Tasmania
  • Seppo – an American
  • Sheepshagger – A New Zealander
  • Pom, pommy, pommie – an Englishman (thought to originate from “POHM – Prisoner of Her Majesty” from back in the convict days – when white settlement started here)

So, basically I come from Pommy stock and am married to a Pom, but I was born a Mexican and now I’m a Banana Bender and I’m proud of all of that!

Welcome to another “Learn the Lingo” post, this week we’re looking at slang terms for occupations, hope you’ll find these amusing!

  • Ambo – ambulance driver
  • Bushranger – outlaw or highwayman (well, they were an occupation for some all those years ago ha ha)
  • Cockie – farmer (Cockie is short for Cockatoo, the bird)
  • Digger – a soldier
  • Fisho – fishmonger
  • Garbo or Garbologist – garbage collector
  • Greenie – environmentalist
  • Gyno – gynaecologist
  • Jackaroo – a male station hand – stations are massive farms with a lot of livestock over vast areas.
  • Jillaroo – a female station hand
  • Journo – journalist
  • Milko – milkman
  • Offsider – usually an assistant
  • Truckie – truck driver
  • Weekend Warrior – Someone in the Army Reserve

I’m pretty sure you can work out how these would fit into mainstream ‘talk’.  Feel free to leave a comment to show off your new lingo, or let us know what your occupation is and we’ll try and “Australian-ise” it for you :)

Each weekend I’m going to offer a few of our slang words and terms to help you speak ‘Orstralian in no time. I hope you have fun with these.

  • Avo or avos – Avocado/s
  • Bikkie – a biscuit or cookie
  • Chewie – chewing gum
  • Chokkie – chocolate :)
  • Fairy floss – cotton candy or candy floss
  • Flake – shark meat usually bought at a fish and chip shop
  • Icy pole, ice block – Popsicle or lollypop
  • Mystery bag – often refers to a sausage
  • Sanger – a sandwich
  • Tucker – food!
  • Vedgies – vegetables

So, let’s try and put that lot into a few words….

I was starving so I spat my chewie out and had a bikkie but I was still hungry. I had some left over chokkie so wolfed that down followed by some fairy floss I got at the local show on the weekend. I didn’t want to have a sanger as I’d had one at lunch! Still hungry after that, so I got a piece of flake from the fish and chip shop, cooked up a mystery bag and some vedgies and threw some avo on top. Talk about great tucker! Then to finish off, I had an icy pole.

haha I tried! It’s not easy “trying” to speak the lingo even as a native without totally confusing you with other words I could throw in.

Feel free to leave a comment to show off your new lingo.

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