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Love it or Leave Mens Singlet

Patriotic Design Labelled Racist on Social Media

Early in October 2014, a twitter user posted a photo of a “Love it or Leave” singlet which was being sold at Woolworths in Cairns, apparently disgusted by the caption in the design. This was followed by a huge discussion on whether it was racist or not and the matter trending all over the internet – not to mention Woolies pulled it from their range and apologised publically for “inadvertently stocking a singlet we find totally unacceptable”. We received some hate mail over it since we have retailed the design since 2008, we also received many emails complimenting us on “still selling” the Australia love it or leave design. We find it “totally unacceptable” that Woolworths reacted this way, however it is their choice to make – we will not make the same choice and we hope our store visitors respect that.

To be honest, we never considered for a moment removing it from sale because regardless of the meaning that people are attributing to it – and boy were there some “out there” interpretations being stated as fact in discussion posts – we work closely with the manufacturer (who employs a true melting-pot of staff by the way), we have retailed the product for many years and we know that racism or being against multiculturalism could not be further from the truth. The design was produced as a patriotic print for Australia day events and Australian souvenir shops, often purchased by tourists to take home from a place they loved to visit. It’s our view there is nothing wrong with loving our great country and being proud of the positives Australia has to offer, it is a great place to live after all.

A Little about our Retail (Online) Store

Here at Australian Native T-Shirts, we offer a good size range of patriotic Australian designs and are proud to have done so since 2004! Mostly purchased leading up to Australia Day in January but also often worn at sporting events and by visitors to Australia to take home for their family & friends. Anything from the traditional Australian flag t-shirt, stylised “Aussie Pride” flag designs and the hardcore Aussie humour t-shirt “This is Australia” often seen on the TV show “Housos”, which by itself became a bit of a sensation a while back and has become part of popular culture. Back in January, ALDI recalled a t-shirt we have stocked since 2009 with “Australia Established 1788″ on it, which in turn also went “viral” on the internet. We didn’t pull that one from sale either.

As part of our huge range of products, we also proudly retail licensed Aboriginal flag products, Aboriginal art t-shirts and gifts and a wide range of Australian made pewter figurines which are made in Queensland by an Australian family business, just like ours. These are all products which in one way or another support Australian companies and families when you purchase from our store and we truly do appreciate your ongoing support. When we opened in 2004, we hoped to have a bit of “something for everyone” and hope you can see that from the diversity of our range.

Australian Native T-Shirts

Visit our Store at Australian Native T-Shirts to purchase fantastic Aussie T-Shirts, Toys, Gifts and Souvenirs as well as many other Australian things.

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