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Ancient Aboriginal Cave Painting

Ancient Aboriginal Cave Painting

Probably our most famous Aboriginal artist would be Albert Namatjira who is best known for his water-colour landscapes of the Macdonnell Ranges and the nearby regions of Central Australia. His painting style was more of a conventional approach to art unlike some of the Aboriginal art we see but his paintings do capture something special in them.

Aboriginal art has existed for many thousands of years. Some of the rock carvings and aboriginal paintings are 30,000 years old. These painting and carvings narrate the stories of the painter or sculptor.

The colours used in ancient Aboriginal art were natural shades of earth colours such as red, brown and yellow. The other colours used were white made from pipe clay and charcoal made by burning wood.

One of the traditional visual art forms of the Aboriginals is known as “Dot painting”. In dot painting, minute dots are used to create symbols and patterns on canvas. Traditional dot painters still use natural pigments derived from plants and seeds but some contemporary artists now use acrylic paints on canvas instead of natural earth colours.

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Dannys Uluru

Indigenous Australian artist, Danny Eastwood, born in Sydney is a descendant of the Ngemba Tribe of Western NSW. He was the NSW Aboriginal Artist of the year in 1992 and won the National Aboriginal Artist of the year the following year.

His work is widely seen throughout Sydney and some of his art can be found in major collections in places such as the Australian Maritime Museum in Sydney and Heritage Centre in Parramatta. Danny has also been commissioned to create murals in Southern Sydney and Parramatta.

Danny’s Uluru is a wonderful piece of art displaying one of the most instantly recognisable natural wonders of the world – Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Northern Territory. It features two kangaroos in the foreground and has a bold rust background to really show off the painting.

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Dreamtime Lagoon Aboriginal Spaghetti Strap Top

Dreamtime Lagoon Aboriginal Spaghetti Strap Top

Meet our new Aboriginal art design on fitted ladies cotton/lycra spaghetti strap singlets – Dreamtime Lagoon!

This 100% Australian made top comes from Aussie label Arlunya designs by Wild Planet. It’s tie dyed light, mid and dark blue tones with each top being slightly different. The design appears on the top in silver inks and really stands out from the garment. Various Aboriginal art symbols have been incorporated into the design including wonderful representations of various marine animals like the fish near the top of the design.

The Dreamtime Lagoon design is also available on a ladies fitted t-shirt and they come in sizes 8 through to size 16 in a stretchy lycra cotton mix. The entire Arlunya designs range is entirely Australian made and make high quality gifts from Australia.

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